Chronicles Of an End Foreseen

You just know it’s going to happen,
When death on your door comes a tappin,
Hello he says with his smile wide bone to bone,
I am here for you this time not your clone,
No need to pack, you don’t need anything,
Your ex-wife already took care of everything,
All we need is with us – a stiff drink, a cigar,
No need for fire or lighter where you are,
There is plenty all around where you going to be,
Hot enough to melt your Mozzarella and Brie,
“Shit” said I “you waited to tell me this just now?”
Each week I go and eat through at least a cow,
I can’t eat carbs so toasting is out you know,
How am I expected to live on lettuce and slaw?
Have no fear said he with his smile white as bone,
Where you are going the BBQ is always on,