Santa’s Weight Problem

As Christmas and Chanukah (holidays prime),
Usually run parallel and at the same time,
We light candles eat latkes and donuts,
Or drink eggnog eat turkey with chestnuts,
Treetop with stars and beautiful bells chime,
Lighting the menorah adding candles one at the time,
For years I have had a suspicion that became nagging,
Where did Santa get that huge tummy-
He has been schlepping and dragging?
The answer is simple it is so clear and simple,
It will raise an eyebrow and deepen a dimple,
Santa after a few drinks of the tasty eggnog,
Gets a little mixed up and groggy because of the grog,
Into a house where Chanukah is on, he “erroneously” walks,
Helps himself to latkes, donuts, bagels, cheese and lox,
He waddles to the neighbors where the tree is lit,
Stuffed turkey, cookies, no food is missed or unfit,
Is it a wonder why the good fellow is so overweight?
He is yet to refuse a food put on his plate,