The Right Stuff

I decided to eat only healthy food from now on,
Stick to the basic avoid carbs like bread and corn,
So I decided to make oatmeal cookies with chia,
Adding some fiber, spinach, broccoli and bran cereal,
It may have been good for my health or my doctor,
But, it tasted like a dry wall or the shell of a lobster,
So, I exchanged some of the fiber for some edible food,
To see if I can replace the fiber for something tasting good,
I took out the chia, and instead put some chocolate chips,
Got rid of the bran cereal, and put in gummy colored strips,
Instead of the broccoli and the spinach, I now use M&M
After replacing most fiber, my cookie is now a real gem,
So now, everyone can see, dieting can be done cleverly,
All you need is just a little inspiration and creativity,