To keep the mind sharp I play Scrabble,
The modern version of the tower of Babel,
When one digs deep into the history of words,
As deep as to find about the bees and the birds,
Get to the bottom of a term, the root and source,
Where an expression was redirected and changed course,
Is it from Latin, “olde Yinglish” or Semitic God forbid?
Or maybe Western Europe, the cape, Lisbon or Madrid,
Is it biblical Genesis, the original Hebrew or Edomite,
A Far-Eastern dialect, Ottoman or Hittite Canaanite,
I go on to play the game, at times even win a round,
So far I have been losing constantly, regularly downed,
Scrabble is fun and challenging it widens perspective,
Mine seems to be unfortunately a little defective,