I Don’t Listen to No One

When I was a little boy, my mother said to me,
That I need to behave and that good I should be,
Do not wipe your nose on the shirt’s sleeve,
Brush your teeth after each meal don’t deceive,
Wash up, you are so dirty I just cannot believe,
Comb your hair; you are dirtier than Bobby and Steve,
Now, after years when I became an adult and on my own,
I don’t shower I do not ever wash I don’t wear cologne,
I don’t brush my hair, I have none on my head all is gone,
My room looks like through it went a full size cyclone,
I never use a Kleenex never clean my nose properly,
I only wipe on my sleeve, which is green like broccoli,
On my neck, there is dirt and my head is full of sand,
I don’t go to school ever, doing nothing is Grande,