North America

As I was sitting today on the balcony,
Having thoughts that consist mostly of blasphemy,
Looking around at the walking crowds, realizing,
They are like herds of cows, in the field grazing,
They all walk in large crowds, yet each is all alone,
From the hair on their head to their smallest bone,
We have social networks crowd funding we link and face,
But bottom line we are all alone, crowds without base,
We are dumb people with smart phones idiots with Ipads,
Tablets, IPods, Laptops, We are so proud of our technology,
We are so busy with the toys we forgot all about humanity,
We are into Gigabytes, Megabytes and USB’s and other keys,
We do not sit in the park enjoying the scents and light breeze,
We are technically perfect we can drive, type, Skype and chat,
Look around North America take a good look you are just FAT,