Chisel and Rocks

This week my grandchildren are back to school,
Enough with the fun the games and the pool,
Let them suffer the way I did as a young child,
In the early days of my life when I was quite wild,
I went and bought the kids a new set of color pens,
That they can take to show their new school friends,
How easy kids have it nowadays, Ipad, Ipod, Iphone,
Not the way I had it in the days of chisel and stone,
Can you imagine carrying to school a chisel and a rock?
To carve away your homework, (this was my writers block),
Is it a wonder that now so many years later in my being,
I only write poetry and short stories, words on a string,
Imagine “War and Peace” written on a rock and slate,
Just carrying the index would put you in comatose state,
So be happy my grandchildren secondary fruit of my loin,
When grandpa is calling, better answer the damn Iphone,