My Friend from the West

I had a friend far away in fair city Vancouver,
He was a great strategist a true visionary mover,
He was a solid man, a career minded man, a winner,
An experienced man of wisdom not your beginner,
He had a wife God bless her she was a cleanup nut,
Washing, drying, dusting and grooming and all that,
All day long the noises and sounds of cleaning machines,
Made my friend lose his sanity spill all his beans,
My friend was going crazy with all the commotion,
That caused his mind to go into harmonic distortion,
As he was going to kill himself with a brand new clean rope,
He left in his will to his wife a personally written note,
That said “to my dear wife from fair city Vancouver”,
I leave my ashes so you can vacuum them with the Hoover,
Please spread my ashes on the rugs the blinds the floor,
You may vacuum me daily I cannot take it anymore,
Thus my good friend the brilliant mind from the west,
Found his peace as in the Hoover he now calmly rests,

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