Growing Up

When you were just a baby, we watched every move,
Making sure you breathe, every mosquito to remove,
Spending nights awake worried when you were sick,
Listening to every sound you made, heard every squeak,
We helped you take your first step overjoyed,
Your first word your first sentence we enjoyed,
Sleepless nights when you had fever or a cough,
Everything we did always seemed was not enough,
Your first time on the tricycle first time in the pool,
Swimming for the first time, first toilet spool,
First day at the kindergarten first day in school,
First time parents night to hear you were a tool,
Now that we are older, much older, one may say,
Late afternoon of our lives, it is later in the day,
Not sure we did right, could we have done better,
At this stage who knows? Does it really matter?

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