In Conclusion

This is the last poem in book number ten,
Who knew when I started writing back then,
Many years ago must have been grade five,
A young naive kid, as yet not tested with life,
There was no TV, then there was ABC CBS NBC,
No cable, everyone was getting the paper daily,
The Canadian flag just changed to the maple leaf,
All cars were USA made in Detroit – hard to believe,
There were the good guys (us) and the bad, the reds,
Life was simpler we talked, never sent twits or SMS,
We used to read books, a few books every week,
In every mall, there was Coles, Chapters, W.H. Smith,
We played handball, basketball- outdoors sun or snow,
Never had the urge to shoot decapitate impale or blow,
On the weekend we got together and had fun dancing,
Then we went to La Gondola pizzeria if we had financing,
It was a simple life I think it was less complicated,
With Sittler and McDonald in the Maple Leafs-
Life was much less aggravated,

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