Satie for Sanity

Although Chopin is on top of the list,
Right with Beethoven Mozart and Liszt,
Schubert and Schuman Robert and Clara,
Not far behind with a bit of Smetana,
All of the above their place is guaranteed,
No one will ever question their talents indeed,
Yet for some reason when it comes to the piano,
Gershwin, Satie, Debussy and Thelonious Monk too,
Are my preferred composers I am not sure why,
I have a theory and I am not trying to be a wise guy,
I like them best because they are minimalists,
They express the most where it perfectly fits,
Without the grandiose magnificent majestic show,
They kept things small petite streaming on low,
So next time you want a quiet evening of quality,
A Cognac in one hand and Satie playing for your sanity,

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