You are what you eat goes the old saying,
So you eat what is right and you keep praying,
You put your foot in your mouth you have no clue,
At least you make sure you took off your shoe,
Eat back your words it makes a good diet,
You should have said nothing and remain quiet,
Watch what you eat told me my doctor,
I sit for hours daily and on my food I stare,

Our Dogs

Dogs are fun and we spoil them always,
Take them for walks nights and days,
We feed them and give them treats,
As we walk them in alleys and streets,
Because a dog is man’s best friend too,
We collect into plastic bags their daily pooh,
All of that is much loved and understood,
Our relationship with our dogs is very good,
We love our dogs there are no short falls,
Except one, unlike our dogs –
We cannot lick our balls,


We have all sorts of sayings meaning well,
Some good roads still lead to hell,
I heard a few good ones made me think,
A guest after 3 days like fish starts to stink,
I know many say things meaning only good,
But splinters do fly when chopping wood,
I knew that when I heard a few others too,
That may sound racist between me and you,
This is why the Rabbi was very much shaken,
When I asked if he brings home the bacon,

Sushi Day

It’s a beautiful morning, one might say,
What a way to start the day,
Even the weeping willow was laughing aloud,
As up in the sky not even one cloud,
I think today will be a sushi day,
Sashimi, crab, shrimps fresh from the bay,
I love sashimi especially in a summer night,
When it is hot, a cold fresh fish feels right,
Followed by a nice cold draught beer,
Yes, tonight will be a night to endear,

Dog TV

Now they have started dog TV,
It is exactly that – TV for dogs to see,
They see classical shows, comedy, news,
Quite a few programs for dog to choose,
Dogs are colorblind so colors were adjusted,
Else, most likely the ratings would be busted,
Advertising is most likely dog food and bones,
Mortgages on doghouses and bank loans,
None of the above bothers me, not at all,
If it wasn’t for the fact –
My dog took over the remote control,