Mercedes Sosa

I listened to Mercedes Sosa; it’s been a while,
 Listening to her bring a sweet sour smile,
I heard her sing “Gracias A La Vida”, in Spanish,
“Thank You for the life” in everyday English,
Last time I heard it I was young and naïve,
I was idealist, trusting, easy to believe,
Since then I have grown old, had my awakening,
Am a cynic, sarcastic, no longer in my spring,
Still listening to Sosa, I want to thank life,
That has given me so much amongst the strife,
Thank you life for giving me parents to remember,
Thank you life for January to December,
Thank you for giving me my children to be proud,
Thank you for the sunshine and for a stormy cloud,
Thank you for giving me the eyes to see the world,
Thank you for the nose, ears, and mouth to be heard,
Thank you for the grand children that I love so much,
Thank you for giving me hands to love and touch,
Thank you for the ability to ear birds sing,
Thank you for winter, summer autumn and spring,
Thank you for what was and what is yet to be,
Thank you for letting me be just me,

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