Self Destruct

Aesop wrote many years ago,
Stories I remember and know,
One that I like today too,
About frog, scorpion with a moral so true,
Scorpion asked frog to take him across,
To which frog replied – scorpion up your nose,
If I take you across the river, you will sting me for sure,
To a scorpion’s sting, I will have no cure,
If I kill you my dear frog I shall drown with you,
It makes no sense to say to my life adieu,
So the frog took the scorpion across the river,
In midstream the scorpion stung the frog in the liver,
As he was dying the frog asked why you will die too,
Are you crazy have you no sense and no clue,
I cannot help it said the scorpion to the frog,
It is in my nature like a mad dog,
So do people will destroy and self destruct,
If not for me no one will have, they deduct,

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