My Pet

I have a small dog in the house for a few days,
Dog-sitting is the title – when his owners is a ways,
He is taken on his walks seven times daily or nightly,
Driving his human servants crazy systematically,
It is obvious the little dog has Nazi blood,
All he does is with intent to drive me mad,
He just sits there keeping one eye on me,
Not a sound from him, silent as a mute flea,
But the minute the telephone rings with business,
His barking nonstop is heard – a mile away no less,
Obviously, he is doing it to spite me the little monster,
I bet you he is taking notes – I could swear,
I think next week just to get even with the little sore,
I am going to get my own pet an American Alligator,
Then I like to see the face of the little mutt,
When he sees the sharp teeth on my smiling pet,

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