Mother’s Day

I talked to a mother – a very good friend,
That was excited because around the bend,
Was coming mother’s day like every year,
It is a yearly event; I hope that this was clear,
I asked my friend why is she so very happy,
So cheerfully glad – not to mention sappy,
She answered in a very teary little voice,
You do not understand I do not have a choice,
But every year my kids and my loving spouse,
Insist on spoiling me and clean up the house,
Then together they bring me breakfast to bed,
Juice, eggs, cheese, herring, butter and rye bread,
So why are you so upset I asked her wondering?
Are you not happy you want additional dumpling?
Are you not happy getting your breakfast in bed?
Do you prefer it be lunch or dinner instead?
No said my friend, after all that food and good eats,
After mother’s day every year –
I need to buy a new mattress and sheets,

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