Tea with Lemon and Honey

Do you remember those grandmother’s cures,
That were shoved down that throat of yours,
When you were a kid or a child getting sick,
With the flu or another ailment, you chose to pick,
Grandmother, mother, or an old aunt to the rescue,
Cold or hot compresses or leeches came out on cue,
Everyone had a cure they would swear on with their life,
Be it the grocer the neighbor or the butcher’s wife,
They would each walk in with their tools of shamanism,
Kiss the Mezuzah spit 3 times use another mechanism,
Shove a pot full of steam under your stuffy nose,
Put three towels on your head and two on your toes,
Put a few Rosemary bushes under your pillow and bed,
Until you beg god to take you away you wish you were dead,
Then at night after they all went on you medieval,
Mother would give you a cup of tea with lemon and honey-
That drove away all the bad the mean and the evil.

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