Yellow Fish Purple Fish

I was sitting at the doctor’s waiting room,
Between two patients and a huge aquarium,
In the aquarium, four fish were busy side to side,
One was a big yellow fish swimming at a stride,
The other three were small fish, purple color,
Third the size of the yellow one, much smaller,
Now I could see the purple ones were full of guts,
While the big yellow one acted like a klutz,
Then I understood why this was going on – easy,
I could see why the purple ones would be so sleazy,
You see the yellow one saw the small purple fish,
And assumed he was also one that will fit a dish,
He never figured he was a big yellow brute,
Figured he was purple small, tiny and minute,
On the other hand – the small purple midgets,
Saw the big yellow shark like, equal 15 digits,
They assumed they were as big as he was at least,
They acted each one like a formidable beast,
Humans sometimes act very much the same, well,
And end up with a very strong stinking fishy smell

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