New Sandwich

A new sandwich has just been invented,
The success of this sandwich already cemented,
The name of this sandwich is to be known,
As the Briewich, name to be written in stone,
To make it you need 2 slices of dark rye,
A few days old is good make sure it’s not dry,
Inside it please spread generous layers of brie,
A couple of red ripe tomato slices maybe three,
A slice of mozzarella – old is better for sure,
Wait, don’t rush it – don’t eat it premature,
Still have to toast the Briewich like a Panini,
You can eat it accompanied by a stiff Martini,
This sandwich is a new culinary invention,
I am sure it will get everybody’s attention,
It can be lunch, breakfast or light dinner,
Eating it you are sure to feel like a sinner,

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