Nowadays before you do anything,
Make sure you are protected by a tight ring,
Make sure you are applying for a patent at least,
Copyright your brainchild (especially from the East),
As it seems all good things are cloned and copied,
Someone reinvented the meaning of speed,
Nike is Inke Sony is SQNY Adidas Adadas,
Tide is Tids and Puma is Puna Rolex became Rolax,
No end to the inventions of sound alike names,
When every corner store can now make claims,
So today, I shall talk on my Samsssung all day,
I shall use for makeup my “Oil of OKAY”
Watch the Late Show on my LGee TV,
Have a glass of red Chinese Chablis,
Feel safe that I live like the king of Granada,
In my good old country – my KANNADA,

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