Sistine Chapel

In my last visit to the Sistine Chapel,
The one with Adam munching on an apple,
I spent some time carefully checking the details,
Even scratching the old paint with my finger nails,
To see what lies beneath the known masterpiece,
Under the layers of centuries of dust and grease,
After digging not long but very efficient did I,
Not too deep under a layer visible to my eye,
I saw the original lines of paint by the artist hand,
The same one that made Moses in the holy land,
What I saw was Adam requesting the angel,
To “Be a pal my friend and pull on my handle”,
I am gassy and constipated, and am going nuts,
Be a “mentsch” let me empty my pressuring guts,
Of course – history chose to hide this story,
We see Adam stretching his arm to God’s glory,
The truth unfortunately “was covered” with paint,
However, even under the leaf we can see –
Adam he ain’t no saint,

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