The Red-Breasted Bird

Today the weather was nice and warmer,
I have no idea how much warmer it was I swear,
I walked very fast on a street with no name,
Red-breasted birds were singing spring to proclaim,
Silly birds it is too early for spring to show its face,
Tonight we expect a foot of snow in this place,
What can one expect from a red-breasted bird?
Sitting on the tree the world looks confused and blurred,
Yet I could understand the birds wishing spring,
It is not what you have but what you are wanting,
So I looked at the bird and I shouted out loud,
Keep singing for summer dear, winter is soon out,
The bird gave me a side smile with its beak,
This bird was good knew every little shtick,
Now I can relax, as spring is soon to be,
A red-breasted bird gave her word to me

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