I learned the languages of the birds,
So I can talk with them exchange a few words,
I learned Latin from Cicero in order to converse,
With the greatest philosophers in the universe,
I studied Greek from Socrates Homer and Plato,
Spend evenings in discussions with the older Cato,
Confucius gave me his teachings in Mandarin,
George Bernard Shaw taught me Gaelic in Erin,
Urdu was easy to learn Gandhi was very patient,
Goethe taught me German he was very efficient,
Communicating as you can see is important to me,
I have yet to meet someone that does not agree,
Yet with all these languages tongues and vocabularies,
It seems I am doing well mostly talking to canaries,
I am still looking for a jargon, a lingo or a local dialect,
One that some people I know will be able to select,
So that we may communicate on some basic plane,
It is difficult for a mime philosophy to explain,

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