The Way To Go

I am now entering that stage in life,
Where somehow your body is in constant strife,
What is good for the heart is bad for the gout,
You know that steak is bad so you eat trout,
One thing leads to another it is an ongoing war,
Between surviving dinner or munching on a boar,
Eating veggies gives you incredible painful gas,
So you eat dried fruit to make it easier to pass,
Ice cream is out because of high blood glucose,
So is cake, cookies, candy and beer for the cause,
What is a man to do if he wants to survive?
What can one do just to remain alive?
Should one survive on dry toast and beans?
Or on cucumbers lettuce and sardines?
I shall go down proud with steak and “Foie- Gras”,
A bottle of Gin, Cigar and a glass of Stella Artois,

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