We need milestones in our memory banks,
To which years later you will say – “Thanks”,
You will be able to go back and pluck precisely,
A single moment in your history as fruit from a tree,
Have it intact and in one piece, unchanged and unrefined,
Raw and untamed, unaltered, unrevised and unmodified,
Relive that moment, time and time again, then once more,
Let it show proudly and unashamed, as one would a cold sore,
For after years we tend to forget by error or design,
To sweeten the old sorrows, fade out the pain, draw a line,
It is human nature maybe for a purpose or a just cause,
The reason we invent laws and need a Santa Claus,
Yet in the process, we lose much regardless of pain,
Memories of faces and places we try to hold on to in vain,

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