Just Do It

Said the clergyman, I am a merchant of dreams,
Dreams are made of hopes wishes and things,
All you have to do is close your eyes for a bit,
Think hard about what you want – do not cheat,
Then hum a little, say a few words of prayer,
Your mantra, proverb from the holy book if dare,
If it does not work, you did not try hard enough,
And the gods the prophets, leaders saw your bluff,
If it worked your wish came true have no fear,
The clergy will of course take the credit here,
Why is it that we expect wishes to materialize
We do not see thru the racket we do not realize,
You do not get anything from nothing ever,
No matter how hard you make your prayer,
If you want something, for a miracle do not wait,
It is your convictions- not your faith,

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