We Is Americans

We is sophisticated in the US of A,
We stop abortions and we cure up the gay,
We grow wine in California and sell it in a box,
We have a good TV channel we call it FOX,
We is smart in the US of A, you bet,
We know freedom fries and we know baguette,
We make Camembert and Brie, we make them age,
In the microwave oven because we is sage,
I have a shotgun my wife has a Magnum Colt,
My son Bobby-Lee works on 50 AMPS and 12 Volt,
Bubba is my cousin on my mother’s side,
He was also my father or was he the bride?
We is good in the US of A, you bet your life,
I married my Aunt Louise and now she is my wife,
I was a marine I fought in Iraq for almost a year,
I got them democracy and plenty of beer,
Now I am making sure we can carry a gun
Because I have the right to shoot everyone

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