I have a great GPS, it is magic,
Lucky I understand it or it could be tragic,
It tells me where to go I trust it completely,
It will always take me to my destination discreetly,
Although it is a special GPS, it is one of a kind,
Of course, you will have doubts but never mind,
All I have to do is click in the postal code,
Or the address of the street or the road,
Start the car and follow the instructions,
It will take me there without obstructions,
So you now ask why is it magical what do you mean,
How is it magic your amazing GPS machine?
Well, it has a list and in most 100% of cases,
It takes me to non-existent places,
Last week on my trip home without commotion,
I ended up 30 meters into the Pacific Ocean,
Yesterday on my way to Mr. Rolando,
I found myself on the 4th floor of a condo,
I like my GPS it is never a bore,
My GPS is the only way to explore,

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