I Cannot Remember the Names

It just dawned on me it is already 40 years,
In my mind and memory it has only been days,
Still, somehow I cannot remember all the names,
Of friends and comrades, the fallen, gone in flames,
As if the names were scorched out, seared away,
Is it my mind, which decided games to play?
I remember all the young faces we were only nineteen,
We were new to the world our slate was still clean,
The world as always watched us the few, grinding teeth,
Standing strong, holding, and eventually bring defeat,
To an enemy that a thousand times outnumbered us,
With swarms of tanks and artillery in great mass,
We were too young to be afraid or maybe too stupid,
Concerned less with Hades and more with Cupid,
Thus, we lost thousands of my generation,
A void, a gap, no replacement, no salvation,
For me sleepless nights fighting my demons,
God knows there are many, maybe millions,
And today 40 years later a big void in my head,
As a big part of me for 40 years has also been dead,

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