French Fries

When we were young many years ago,
Young enough we were still supposed to grow,
We would get together around the kitchen sink,
Get out lots of potatoes brown yellow and pink,
Skin them nicely; clean them up spotless and shiny,
Kept only the good ones got rid of the tiny,
Then we would slice them lengthwise perfectly matched,
All lined up to be dried, lined unscratched,
We get a huge skillet full with vegetable oil,
Better tasting fried although you may also broil,
Then we made special dipping sauce Holland style,
Mix a little lemon, touch of pepper, mayo and a smile,
Many years have gone since those nightly parties,
When we had fries before we got blocked arteries,
Now we eat carrots, freshly peeled and healthy,
Yet the smell of fresh French fries still drives us crazy

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