Pea Soup

Today was cold, a pea soup cold day,
One is to ask, what is a pea soup day if I may?
Well it is so cold only a thick pea soup may help,
To make all the little icicles go away and melt,
Now I shall give away my unique secret recipe,
That in Odessa was devised, on the Black Sea,
You take ham, bacon, and smoked duck,
Large onion, garlic, carrots and celery stalk,
I add a few nice marrow-bones, a bay leaf,
Salt, pepper, allspice and leftover beef,
I fry these ingredients until nice and tender,
Then I add the dry split peas onto the splendor,
Adding water and nice thick chicken stock,
This soup is now almost ready to rock,
Let it boil then let it simmer for 2 hours,
This soup will have winter magical powers,
Keep in mind this soup is amazing because,
It breaks every one of the strict kosher laws,

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