The Lack Of

Lately I have encountered less,
Less courage, less integrity, oh yes –
No less important, I have met indecision,
It is a sharp pain in the side, a huge incision,
When people lack the ability to make a decision,
Indecision is a disease, lack of perspective and vision,
We encounter this disease in private and in business,
Nothing frustrates more the chances for success,
Than waiting for things to move and happen,
No one boasts what “they never done” on CNN,
The Government cannot decide on the economy,
Senate and Congress has become the public enemy,
Gun control, education, all is buy or sell,
EU, Greece, Spain, austerity all go to hell,
Wimps not leaders in government and business,
No imagination or inspiration- just a mess
Today’s heroes are entertainers, TV actors,
Not philosophers, scientists, intellectuals, authors,
Only empty shallow two-dimensional figments,
Tomorrows fadeouts history’s bitter ends,

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