The End Of The World

I’ve been told next week, on December 21,
The world is a goner; it is going to burst,
I am not one to panic; not at all; I am easy,
All this talk – I find extremely cheesy,
If the end of the world is due next week,
I can find ways to enjoy this “Final” shtick,
First, I went to the Rolls-Royce car dealership,
I got me a silver shadow with a huge logo on the tip,
It is pink with vanilla on top and chocolate chip veneer,
I start payments on January 30th next year,
Then I went and I bought a Lear jet,
For my trip to the Dalai Lama in Tibet,
Monday I called the Pizza store in the plaza
And ordered pizzas for everybody in Gaza,
I paid with my new MasterCard Platinum,
The rest I paid with the Visa Optimum,
It gives 45 days free of interest,
For those of us that would be stressed,
Since the payment day is due after the end,
I am just going to keep buying and spend,
In case the end will not happen despite the odds,
Let the banks discuss it with the Mayan Gods

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