I bought a ticket for your dreamboat,
A standby ticket so I keep on my coat,
Just in case I was called, to jump on board,
A regular ticket – I cannot afford,
Had it been a ticket for your dream train,
Big difference, from that I could refrain,
A dream drone or a dream plane,
I can still make excuses and explain,
But a boat? No way can I miss a boat,
This is cause enough to take me to court,
No one should miss a trip on a dream,
If you have no dream, borrow one from the team,
I have many stowaways on my dreamboat,
Taking a free ride on my aspiration float,
One day they will wake up in mid wave motion,
All alone in the middle of the ocean,
Wondering what is all the commotion,
It is I and my harmonic distortion,

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