In the old country many eons ago,
Had I wanted to come over and say hello,
Well, as strange as it may now seem,
Not through some complicated scheme,
One would walk into your place, slow,
Will sit oneself onto a chair say, “hey YO”,
Shake hand, say, “How was your day BRO”,
I shall have a coffee – maybe a mint tea,
There was no need for niceties you see,
“I just happened to be passing by you”,
“I dropped in to say, hey, how do you do”,
I am here to share a cup, a cookie too,
It was OK – it was friendly and allowed,
No one felt their place was overcrowd,
You just came in to have a drink,
It was spontaneous, no need to think,
That is how it was in the old days,
Days when a spread, was just…mayonnaise.

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