There is sushi, sashimi and rolls,
Miso soup, Unagi and Maki, Udon in bowls,
The Wasabi, which I mix with the Soya,
That makes you spitfire and go into coma,
I just love the far eastern delights,
That takes you at times to new heights,
Delicacies that spoil our palette anew,
With every bite that we care to chew,
Tuna, red snapper, shrimp and squid,
Keep me delighted as a little kid,
Sometimes I shall indulge myself in Udon,
A fancy name for a noodle I quickly down,
Lucky for me in our illustrious city Toronto,
We have a sushi restaurant under every condo,
With my love for sushi and my sashimi devotion
I am afraid I will fast be depleting the ocean,

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