Old Comedy On TV

Remember the honeymooners  from the fifties,
Art Carney, Jackie Gleason, the two buddies,
Ed Norton the sewage dwelling neighbor,
Ralph Kramden the bus driver a pompous bore,
The wives Thelma and Alice the straight faces,
Every argument won- they were Aces,
We still have the reruns almost 70 years later,
Because they still shine, they were so much better,
Good writers make all the difference,
M.A.S.H, Seinfeld, Frasier, now it all makes sense,
Comedy is the most difficult to write,
It is hard to keep the audiences happy outright,
But “I love Lucy”, “The Honeymooners” and others,
Managed to keep us laughing for ages,
Is there someone out there unaware of Kramer?
Anybody that on Lucy will sign a disclaimer,
These are landmarks in the history of TV
Leading the marching columns of would be comedy,
Very few managed to keep us laughing aloud,
As for the rest? Should have not been allowed,

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