I woke up this morning I was red with anger,
The sun was shining yellow in the blue yonder,
The white snow was sparkling in fiery orange glow,
Before turning gray, it is the nature of snow,
The green leaves of the trees turned brown,
Covering with a quilt of black the roads in town,
Mixed with some almond and plenty of crimson,
Where they lie fluffing about until they are blown,
Strong winds turn the leaves amber side up,
Winter is the leaves cold and freezing death trap,
Until spring returns with its rosy cheeks,
Bringing back the pink of life, we all seek,
Then snow turns to rain, all is minty green,
Washed by the rain the streets now again clean,
Just the rainbow hanging up in the sky,
Shooting lively colors that make you sigh,
Melon, apricot, violet, magenta, mango, maroon
All seem the same under the light-
of the silvery moon

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