There Is The Door

Some years back you were born in a town,
You lived there all your life – you stuck around,
You went to school was married worked and died,
Within a city block where your ancestors reside,
For generations since coming from the old country,
This is where they chose to live and be,
A good choice it was – a new beginning a new life,
You would also import yourself a nice little wife,
Who stood beside you through the good and mostly bad,
One hand holding the baby the other supporting dad,
These were the hard first days of the first settlers,
Surrounded by raccoons, beavers and grizzly bears,
Today TV, internet, IPads, surrounds us, all around,
We move and travel, drive and fly, never settle down,
But are we happier today, are we more content?
Living in a huge house instead of a tiny tent,
Yes, we are happier we live better, eat well,
We shower daily (which means we don’t smell),
Yes life is good now days, better than before,
Anyone thinking different, there is the door

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