Eating To Die

The parking lot was full,
As far as the eye could see,
There were thousands of cars,
It was not just for me,
There were sedans and trucks,
There were coupes and SUV’s,
There was even a motorcycle,
And a single bicycle,
Or was it a double mono-cycle,
I noticed no one was walking,
Since no one parked their shoes,
I was very disappointed since
The motorcycle rider
Had no visible tattoos,
Such was the parking lot on Sunday,
In front of the Supermarket store,
Lots of vehicles in front of the door,
Then there were all the shopping carts,
Going in and out piled with goods,
Some haberdashery some detergents,
But mostly piled with foods,
We eat a lot it seems to the naked eye,
We do not eat to stay alive,
We seem to be eating to die,

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