Magazines No More

The written word is slowly going,
For the last 20 years it has been slowing,
One by one, the symbolic giants are folding,
Encyclopaedia Britannica, PC Magazine, are falling,
Three hundred sixty seven magazines, in 2009,
Have gone under or will only be online,
This week we were officially notified,
Newsweek too – the print version nullified,
Starting November or December 2012,
The printed version will be a memory about to fade,
So if you are a collector grab a copy,
In 300 years, it will bring a bounty,
Do you remember the old days in the Wild West?
Where magazines were cut to squares, I do not jest,
To be used as toilet paper is used today,
I tell no tales that was the way,
I just can’t imagine someone today wipe their behind,
With an Ipad, a laptop or a tablet never you mind,

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