So here I am, watching the “Wizard of Oz”
For the 600 time, don’t ask why? Just because,
These logical issues seem to bother me a bit,
The lion wanted courage, tin man heart, scarecrow wit,
Dorothy was not in Kansas anymore, which is obvious,
The wizard was just a crook not from Oz not even Cyprus,
The evil witch of the west died from a little water,
You do understand she never washed herself in cold or hotter,
Or she would have died long before Dorothy did her in,
She must have smelled as old cheese mixed with dead sardine,
Yet the kids should love this masterpiece it is funny,
Next generations will watch it too it is smart and canny,
There is always room for a stupid scarecrow, a coward lion,
A romantic tin man that needs a heart, looking for action,
And a witch that gets her just deserve,
So make some tea, recline on your seat and observe,

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