CNN has been researching this election’s undecided,
And a long list of profiles was dully provided,
First, the undecided is a she, nineteen to twenty nine,
Employed and has no college education, which is fine,
I am sure if we dig a little deeper, we will find:
An imbecile that for some reason cannot make up her mind,
What does it take to make a decision; you have all the info,
You have all you need to make up your mind you know,
There are two people running – count them – one – two,
Flip a coin, pick a card, heads or tails, and for God’s sake choose,
One is a democrat the other one republican,
One already proved he can’t the other says he can,
If it was up to me I would chose the other one,
With both we will strike out neither is a home run

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