Omelette With Dry Feta Cheese

Many years ago when I was a distinguished late teen,
(That’s over twelve and no more than nineteen,)
My late uncle the only one I ever had,
Took me for an early breakfast for I was a good lad,
It was in the old country in an old city Haifa, on a mountain,
Overlooking the bay, the ships, the Baha’i fountain,
In the old Arab market with freshly baked Pita scent,
The herbs and spices – where old veggies ferment,
We sat in a small restaurant to a small square table,
Ordered an omelette with extra dry feta –
Olives on the side from a tin without a label,
With it came a few tomatoes right off the vine,
Homemade yogurt, lemonade, pickles in brine,
Fresh hot pitas steaming direct from the oven,
Cilantro, parsley and dill are mandatory not an option,
Then came the omelette, thin and fried to perfection,
With dry feta cheese sprinkled all over each section,
Green olive oil thick and bitter on the side dripping,
This is for the hot pita in sesame seeds for the dipping,
These simple breakfasts in the old city market narrow streets,
They were not  fancy meals but sure were good eats

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