Pictures In Black And White

When I was a kid, seems like eons ago,
Pictures were taken in black and white you know,
Most people did not have cameras at the time,
Cameras were expensive and cost more than a dime,
There was a profession called photographer,
It was there right next to hunter and gatherer,
They were setting a place in the park with accessories,
With backdrops, hats, recliner, zebra and canaries,
And walkers by would pose for a picture,
Alone, with family members, with or without fixtures,
On a huge three legged tripod stood the machine,
There were screens and reflectors it looked very mean,
The camera was a huge box with a black cloth behind,
The process took minutes if conditions were kind,
You would leave your name and address too,
Make an appointment for the proofing view,
Then you got dressed nice and fancy for the occasion,
The whole family went to choose the best version,
I still have some of the pictures black and white cut,
Me on my tummy with my exposed butt,
Well I must have been three months at that time,
Exposing your butt then was not really a crime,

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