Crosswords are little games we play,
It expands the mind eliminates brain decay,
At least I hope this is the case,
When your memory is gone without a trace,
It seems I do remember the face,
But the name somehow has been misplaced,
Now it is “What’s his name?”
As I lower my head in utter shame,
Where did I put the – what you call it?
I remember the banana but I forgot the split,
Maybe it is for the best that we forget,
Forgetting helps avoiding being upset,
Every day is new, I think, not so sure anymore,
Maybe we are just going in circles inside a swivel door,
We are lucky to have the technology,
This way I manage to remind me,
I send myself a reminder via the email,
This way I know I shall not fail,
Now all that is left for me is to remember,
What was it again? I wonder

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