I bought a new car I named her Matilda,
Almost as old Fashioned as Brunhilda or Griselda,
She is sort of heavy set, with a big round behind,
She is a big SUV – so many a spot are blind,
She is not build for speed, but rather for comfort,
She is more on the long and less on the short,
Many new hi-techs gadgets Matilda has,
Bluetooth-ing, voice activated classical or jazz,
She talks and she listens, she sings and she hums,
When she eats too much I give her some Tums,
Matilda is a Canadian made Chevy Equinox SUV,
Fully bi-lingual – more of a Tory less of an NDP,
I think Matilda and I will have a few good years together,
Be it for worse or be it for better,

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