Back In Town

Back in town, the weather is hot,
Back to work connecting line to dot,
Streets are clean, people are kind, (well most),
In the morning at the door is the “National Post”
Back to the slow rhythm of the Canadian life,
Top news is “who is doing what to who’s wife”,
The news from Syria is somewhere on page four,
The slaughter in there – is not our war,
Tonight I will BBQ a nice rib steak,
Enjoy my special farmer’s bread that I bake,
Have a nice tall highball of double black Scotch,
Light my Montecristo Edmundo with my cigar torch,
Not much is happening on my nightly watch,
I’ll just enjoy thinking, not move one notch,
Yep, I am back to Canada alright,
I am just going to take it easy all night

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