Chess Game

It is like a chess game,
You set up the board, take careful aim,
Your target is here, right next to the king,
Your muscles are twitching, ready to spring,
You start easy, the first two squares,
The pawns are in front, the four pairs,
You mislead one way, to overtake another,
Sacrifice a pawn, to promote its brother,
An opening of this, a gambit of that,
On the board, a well developed combat,
You move a knight then manoeuvre a bishop,
Pull a few times on the knight’s stirrup,
Get rid of their castles, king under siege,
A knight is about to lose its prestige,
Another manoeuvre, there she is,
The queen exposed, you are the wiz,
You conquered, you won, celebrate,
You are the man, checkmate

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