Will You Remember?

As parents, we take you by the hand,
Patiently teach you, have you understand,
Show you how to tie your shoes, comb your hair,
How to sit to the table; sit straight on a chair,
Use a fork and a knife, to use a potty, then toilet,
Expose you to the opera, symphony and the ballet,
Look after your needs; tend to you when you’re sick,
Teach you how to clean and brush your teeth,
Spend sleepless night when you were teething,
Checking on you when asleep, listening to your breathing,
Sitting beside your bed until you fell asleep,
When you got tired counting, we even counted your sheep,
Together your mother and I dreamt of you growing up,
Becoming a young man, studying hard, making us proud,
Going to your school plays and concerts,
Laughing and crying so much till it hurts,
Does any of this count when we grow old?
When our skin is wrinkled, our bones are cold,
Will you patiently repeat what you said?
When at first we have not heard,
If sometimes, we forget things or a date,
Find it hard to read the small print, showing up late,
Will we get credit for those early days, of your youth?
When you were a little baby, days of your childhood,

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